Janet Stewart for Attorney General

Janet Stewart



It has been 2 weeks since Election Day. I took 7 days to relax in the Florida sun with family. I like to contemplate a bit before formulating my opinions and making decisions. I was very happy to see some of my friends and the minimum wage initiative succeed in Nebraska on November 4.

Today I see my defeat in the AG race as an important opportunity. As a private citizen I can speak out on important public policy issues. I will do so through Twitter and my website, which I will be relaunching soon to blog and post my campaign photographs. I also communicate a lot on Pinterest and will share more of my interests on Tumblr. I hope to share this information with civic minded Nebraskans I was so proud to meet on the campaign trail.

For now, I want to thank everyone who encouraged and supported my campaign. I hope you are not too discouraged. Politics is not easy, but it is the way we can make our government so much better. I believe in the Emerging Electorate in the United States. If we can each encourage 4-6 Nebraskans to vote in 2016, we will make a big difference.

More later…

Janet Stewart for Attorney Janet for Attorney General